About Us - FNCFR

The founders of this company have combined decades of real work experience in real estate, title, real estate construction, real estate loans and real estate auctions. They are real estate professionals who help people get their dream homes on daily bases. Their affection for their job was one of the reasons this company was created.

From the President of the company - "I have been a real estate broker with one of the major real estate brands for many years. When I got involved with purchasing properties from tax auctions I was really surprised by getting the wrong letters from small companies trying to convince me that there are funds that belong to me. By doing this and calling me and sending me all those letters they’ve shown me how unprofessional and unprepared they are to handle this job, which was one of the reasons that I decided to start this company. It is very important to know the art of real estate and to understand how the system works. Only after many years of hard work in the field and a lot of experience one can provide adequate service, protect consumers, recover missing funds and return them to their rightful owners."