Car Aroma Humidifier

Breathe Better Air Into Your Car - A Lean Mean Air Cleaning Machine.

The ultimate all-in-one solution to keeping your car fresh, clean, and good smelling all months of the year.
Comes with an air purification function setting that lets you reduce any static and harsh radiation that may be in the air giving you better air quality to breathe.
180-degree rotation functionality that adjusts the direction of vapor being placed into the air to give your car full humidification.
Comes with an essential oil diffuser. Works with just a few drops and gives your car a more pleasant and delightful smell. Aromatherapy is proven to help change your mood, relieve tension and ease anxiety.

Easy To Set Up - Simply pop it into the cigarette lighter and you're all set. No special installation needed. Instant set up makes it a lot simpler for anyone to use it and get better air quality.

Adds Moisture And Purifies Air-  Gets rid of any unwanted toxic air within just a few short minutes. Great for all-year-round use. Relieves you from dry air in the winter and hot humid air in the summer. 

Long Lasting - Last for hours without running out. 2-hour power protection cuts off the humidifier after 2 hours of use.

Great Design - Cool and innovative modern design that complements your car well without looking out of place presenting your car with a better look, a better smell, and better air quality.

  • $24.99
  • $34.99