LED Car Atmosphere Ambient Lights

Who says your car couldn't be the life of the party? With our ambient lights, you can turn any vehicle into a vibrant and colorful experience that you will never forget.

Super easy to set up without any special wiring or some crazy instruction manual. Simply hook it up to a USB port and you'll have it up and running.
Comes with a one-key operation that allows you to control different light modes at the push of a button. From strobe effects to starry light patterns or even flicker patterns. Even comes with voice control operation feature so you can work it and stay focused on the road at the same time.
Perfect to use in your car, in your house, parties, special outdoor events the list goes on. You can bring it anywhere and instantly change the mood.
Comes in 4 different modes
  • Breath Mode: Similar to the rhythm of breathing and heartbeat.
  • Flicker Mode: Like the drums of rock music.
  • Rest Mode: Fixed lights, no flickering.
  • Music Sync Mode: Changes with the intensity of the music being played.
    • $49.99
    • $99.99